Tuesday 12 December 2017
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Category: Opinions


Our View: Fixing Broken Ordinance is Correct Choice

  Last Tuesday the Chilton common council voted to amend the city’s noise ordinance following an incidence where a noise citation...


Our View: Stockbridge Made Right Choice

It’s remarkable when you consider the dedication the voters of the Stockbridge School District have to local education. In the primary...


Our View: Keep Public Notices in Front of the Voting Public

Wisconsin lawmakers are proposing a fundamental change in the way local governments notify the public about their meetings and what happens...


Our View: More is Needed for Rural Schools

Gov. Scott Walker took a step in the right direction when he announced more aid for rural schools. But it’s simply one step when what’s...

Our View: Keep Eyes on Climate Change

Not even one month into Donald Trump’s presidency and already there seems to be a growing disconnect with the scientific community. On...


A Good Gig if You Can Get It

BY CUBBY COLT  – Your reporter around the world The highest court in the land, the Supreme Court operates with total impunity, or...


Not Another Book, I’m Listening to Reason

By Cubby Colt—Your Reporter around the Nation and World I am always surprised when a government official leaves his service in the public...