Belkin Introduces Wireless Charging To India

Belkin introduces wireless charging to India, as the country is sheltering a bigger market dedicated to versatile mobile vendors.

India has now started pulling the companies that manufacture accessories of smartphones. Regardless of whatever it is like mobile case, data cable or cover, the market is loaded with a lot of choices these days.

Being a price-sensitive market, the country has consumers thinking that a premium accessory as wireless charging pad should not be placed on the top of their shopping list. But, according to Kartik Bakshi, Country Manager at Belkin International Inc., the market is growing at this point.

Head of Belkin in India and the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation, Kartik Bakshi said in a statement that, “We’ve taken the wireless charging category in India by storm. Now the challenging part is how to keep growing and to make sure that the customer keeps buying our products and enjoys the experience of wireless charging.”

The American manufacturer of electronic accessories – Belkin was first established in India with the 5W Boost Up Qi Wireless Charging Pad in November, a year ago that appeared at a price of Rs. 2,999. The company recently extended its range and released the 7.5W Boost Up Wireless Charging Pad, which gives faster charging experience that the previous model.

Bakshi added on saying that, “The phone vendors should not only target the premium phones, but also should try on affordable phones as well. There is indeed some cost involved in it. That is something vendors have to work out with the wireless consortium.”