Is Daily Vitamin D Intake Sufficient For You?

Is daily Vitamin D intake sufficient for you? Vitamin D is a nutrient that is really necessary and beneficial to our health. But guidelines on recommended daily intake are not always clear.

Some people get enough vitamin D from sunlight alone, but others need to make several lifestyle changes. so is daily Vitamin D intake sufficient for you?

A nutrient helps the body in absorbing calcium for strong bones, plays a role in muscle movement, supports the immune system to fight infection and disease, and nerves to carry messages to and from the brain.

Once the body processed the Vitamin D, a nutrient becomes a hormone called calcitriol, which helps the body to use calcium found in foods and supplements.

For people, getting enough vitamin D just from sunlight depends on where in the world they live, the time of day, and their skin color too.

A person living in the Northern Hemisphere may not get enough vitamin D from sunlight during the winter.

Some people do not get sufficient vitamin D from sunlight because of their lifestyle. For example, people who work at night, always cover their skin, stay indoors during daylight hours, or use a high-factor sunscreen every day.

Our body creates a particular amount of vitamin D at once. After that, it is important to hide our skin from UV rays as they can cause burning, aging of the skin, as well as raise a person’s risk of skin cancer.

The natural sources of vitamin D include salmon, cheese, egg yolk, tuna, and beef liver.

However, heavy intake can be harmful, causing health problems. Symptoms of having more than recommended vitamin D in the blood include vomiting, nausea, weight loss, weakness, loss of appetite, and kidney damage.