Walker Still Refusing To Comment On Trump Immigration Policy

Walker still refusing to comment on Trump immigration policy even as Wisconsin National Guard armed forces have been employed to assist. Gov. Scott Walker repeatedly dodged questions about President Donald Trump’s immigration policy at the Mexican border on Monday.

Walker said that policies are outside of his authority but didn’t comment on whether he supported it. He states that those assisted troops have no role in law enforcement and Wisconsin troops play an administrative duty in Arizona. He said, “I’ve got my hands full with things here in Wisconsin.”

But the Republican governor has commented on other federal or international political issues before, particularly in 2015.  Just over two months ago, the governor honored trump for “taking on human trafficking, illegal firearms, illegal drugs, and other problem we see on our southern border.”

Trump’s re-election campaign is paying for Facebook’s digital ads that indicate supports for National Guard troops to defend the southern border.

“I’ve got my hands full with things here in Wisconsin,” Walker said Monday in declining to comment. “I could comment on every single thing in the federal government. It might be good for the media for stories, but that’s not what I’m elected to do. I’m elected to lead the state of Wisconsin and focus on the things that need to be done here.”

Democrats have criticized Walker for sending the troops, while both Republican and Democratic governors in other states have weighed in against separating families at the border. Walker kept a distinction between immigration policy and tariffs.

“Obviously tariffs I just talked about are a federal issue but they directly impact the businesses in the state of Wisconsin,” Walker said.