Wind Energy Evolution in Wisconsin

Wind energy evolution in Wisconsin makes us observe the white wind turbines spread across the land in Dodge and Fond du Lac Counties. In the past decade 466 wind turbines have come up across Wisconsin on 18 varied wind farms. The colossal one We Energies’ Blue Sky Green Field is in Fond du Lac County.

Steve Schueller, the supervisor of Blue Sky Green Field said that the 88 turbines are sprawled across 11000 acres. The authentic footprint of the tower and admittance road is about 44 acres. Schueller said that this location is exemplary. It is on a ridge, and Lake Winnebago to the west offers a refreshing wind. That means that the wind is not blocked by buildings, trees, or hills.

In juxtaposition to what you may conjecture a higher wind tempo does not make the wind rotate speedily. They always rotate at a constant speed: 14.5 RPM. It would not move with a greater speed but it will produce more power. The blades literally pitch 90 degrees to capture more or less wind as force matters. The age of the wind turbine is 30 years. Schueller said that the tower experiences enormous stress and in turbulent winds you can literally see oscillation.

Wind technicians working on the tower say that it resembles being on a ship. To maintain the tower vertical, the foundation base is connected to bolts that are 9 feet long and buried in a 50′ wide by 10′ deep hole filled with 325 yards of concrete.