Crew Dragon Finishes Thermal Vacuum Tests before First Test Flight

Crew Dragon finishes thermal vacuum tests before first test flight. This may assist the spacecraft to be nearer to the uncrewed test flight sometimes later in the year. Janet Kavandi, director of NASA’s Glenn Research Center said that the spacecraft latterly left the center’s Plum Brook Station succeeding the string of thermal vacuum and acoustics tests. She also said that they just left yesterday or today. They have made their presence felt atleast twice at Plum Brook station. She did not divulge the results of the test and SpaceX did not answer to an email soliciting remarks on the ranking of the test.

The company formerly stipulated that the evaluation at Plum Brook was the conclusive milestone prior to the shipping of the spacecraft to Florida for ultimate testing and unification with its Falcon 9 rocket. The company said that once ready Crew Dragon will traverse to Kennedy Space Center in Florida before initiation of its first flight.

Jessica Jensen, director of Dragon mission management at SpaceX, also said that Plum Brook tests were the final before the spacecraft is shipped to Florida for launch. She said at a June 28 orientation at the Kennedy Space Center about the institution of a Dragon cargo spacecraft to the International Space Station.

That launch will be the premiere of two test flights of the Crew Dragon vehicle, this one lacking the crew. NASA plans unleashed earlier this year constituting the latest public overhaul for trading crew test flights, said that the uncrewed Dragon test flight would take place in August.

Crew Dragon finishes thermal vacuum tests before first test flight. NASA accepted some alterations in the schedules because of growing delays as well as locating slots in the holistic visiting vehicle schedule for the ISS.