Immigrant Rights Agitators Marshal in Wisconsin and the Nation

Immigrant rights agitators marshal in Wisconsin and the nation. The rally took place on Saturday afternoon in the severe heat of afternoon. Thousands of agitators pervaded Wisconsin Avenue in downtown Milwaukee to disagree President Donald Trump’s uncompromising immigration policies that rendered more than 2,000 children partitioned from their parents at the U.S. Mexico border in recent months.

Demonstrators at the “Families Belong Together” rally consolidated increasing chorus of critics vociferating on Trump to destroy the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency that has rendered into the centre of attention of the dispute. Gabriela Riveros, a demonstrator from St. Francis said that she wanted to persuade the government to exterminate ICE, reconvene families and esteem immigrants as they are the foundation for the existence of America.

The handful of cars that were able to pass Wisconsin Avenue blared their horns in sustenance of the demonstrators, many a times deluging their speeches. State Rep. JoCasta Zamarripa, a Democrat representing Milwaukee’s south side, vociferated the crowd to be upright in unanimity with immigrants who were apprehended at the border. She also said that this may not be their battle because it represents the issues of US Mexico border. The main reason for us to be here is that we want to express solidarity for their brothers and sisters at the boarder o shield the babies and children who have been separated from their families. The animated disapproval was an opposition to a morning rally in the North Shore suburb of Shorewood.

Immigrant rights agitators Marshal in Wisconsin and the nation. Innumerable demonstrators were carrying signs in excruciating heat.