Natural Green Surroundings Avert Several Major Health Issues

Natural green surroundings avert several major health issues, if the evidences obtained from the most recent study are to be accepted. Living close to the nature or making usual contact to greenery may lessen the danger of a large group of diseases including Type-2 diabetes, preterm birth, hypertension, cardiovascular sicknesses and stress  and also enhance overall health another examination, shows the latest findings disclosed in the journal Environmental Research.

Surrounded closely by a region of trees is able to build a person’s contact with Phytoncides, which are natural mixtures with antibacterial properties, discharged by trees. These mixtures are said to have healthy boosting properties.

To conduct the study, the research team contemplated information from more than 140 investigations including in excess of 290 million individuals from 20 nations including the US, the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Japan and Australia.

Andy Jones from the University of East Anglia (UEA) said in a statement that, “We often reach for medication when we’re unwell but exposure to health-promoting environments is increasingly recognized as both preventing and helping treat disease. Our study shows that the size of these benefits can be enough to have a meaningful clinical impact.”

“People living near greenery likely have more opportunities for physical activity and socializing,” said lead author of the study, Caoimhe Twohig-Bennett from the Norwich Medical School at the UEA. “Meanwhile, exposure to a diverse variety of bacteria present in natural areas may also have benefits for the immune system and reduce inflammation. We hope that this research will inspire people to get outside more and feel the health benefits for themselves.”