Brain Health Expert Urges Children Against Heading Football

Brain health expert urges children against heading football, however, the debate over the harm perpetrated by heading a football got new turn on Wednesday (Aug 8) as a main master in cerebrum wounds said kids younger than 18 ought not be permitted to head the ball.

Dr Bennett Omalu was the first specialist to discover how American footballers were affected by the brain disease known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), who understood his comments may jostle with a few people however that society was advancing.

The discovery made by Dr. Omalu about the effect of CTE on NFL players emerged from his examination of previous Pittsburgh Steeler Mike Webster in 2002, said heading a football was risky and that it ought to be limited even at proficient level.

Doctor Bennett Omalu said in a statement that, “The human brain floats like a balloon inside your skull so when you head the ball you suffer brain damage. You damage your brain when you head the ball. Playing soccer would increase your risk of suffering brain damage when you are much older and developing dementia and CTE.”

The reactions of heading have been a consuming issue since an examination into the death of scaused by heading old substantial calfskin footballs. He kicked the bucket in 2004, matured 72, in the swake of misery with Alzheimer’s for right around 10 years following his 16-year football profession.

Rod Taylor, a second former professional player was also just detected to have a similar type of dementia connected to heading the ball, after his family gave his cerebrum to researchers for investigation following his death at the age of 74, earlier the year.